Anandotsava  is a festival of joy and bliss!. ISKCON South Bengaluru conducts monthly Krishna conscious programs for ladies. This program provides a common platform for sharing ideas, talents and have healthy spiritual discussions.The focus is on how to take up to bhakti yoga, to always remember Krishna and never forget Krishna .

This program also helps learning to nurture children through story telling, puppet making, art and craft  in a Krishna conscious path of life.  Conveniently organsied during the weekdays, one is encouraged to  share thoughts and participate in activities such as kirtan, interactive discussion on  KC philosophy; prasadam cooking, games, quiz, etc.Special one day trips are arranged.  These programs enliven devotees by associating with each other and give them a chance to hear and learn messages from the revealed scriptures.

A typical Anandotsav Program comprises of

• Kirtan
• Class/Interactive discussions/Realisation sharing
• Q&A Session/Sloka Recitation
• Cooking Demos
• Games/Skits/Contests
• Prasadam

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